Assure Pro +

Assure Pro + is a High Range System with all the programs which a fully fledged Automatic Car Wash System might have. The equipment has total 5 brushes 1 Horizontal, 2 Vertical Brushes and 2 wheel wash Brush. The Horizontal Brush follows the contour of the car and cleans the body effective. The high-tech On-Board contour following blower dries the vehicle completely and effectively within minutes. The Brushes have X profile bristles with feathered brush tips to remain gentle on the car always.
Machine Structure Hot dip galvanized 3mm plate
Tilting Technology Used Motorized
Motor Control VFD Drive Systems
Control System PLC, Switchgears and Control Panel
Rinse System Water Pump, PVC Nozzles, PVC Pipes
Soap System Dosing Pump, PVC Nozzles, Soap Pipes
Wax System Dosing Pump, Silicon wax system
Brush Material Soft EVA Foam Brushes (Vertical-2, Horizontal-1), Double PVC Brushes for wheel wash
Washable Dimensions
Length 5000mm
Width 2000mm
Height 2500mm
Bay Dimensions
Length 10000mm
Width 5000mm
Height 4800mm
Voltage 415 V AC with Neutral
Phase 3 Phase
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum Power Required 5.7 KW/10HP
Water Supply
Flow rate 200 LPM
Air Supply 7 Bar
Horizontal Brush System Single unit Soft EVA Foam Brush for Upper body wash
Vertical Brush System Double unit Soft EVA Foam Brushes for Side body wash
Wheel Wash Systems Double unit PVC Brushes for Car Wheel wash
Attractive LED ACP Facia
7 inch Operating HMI Panel
HMI- PLC Ethernet Connectivity
Cable tracking chain
Wireless Remote diagnostic Detection System
Error Detection Systems
Easy Operating Dual Systems
Auto Painted Body
LED square pipe for guiding car wheel

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