Our History

Assure Industries India private limited is the manufacturer of Various Industrial Cleaning Equipments and has been designing and building rugged, dependable Vehicle Wash Systems since 2016 located at Ahmedabad, India.
Assure Industries India was originally established responded to the needs of the transit sector to be automated and expanded its engineering and manufacturing capacity to fulfill the vehicle cleaning requirements of Bus, Car and Rail operations.
Over the years, Assure Industries India has been an innovator in the vehicle wash industry and has refined its products to become a leading supplier to many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious corporations and organizations including privately-owned professional carwash operators, corporate rental car operators, Private Bus Operators, School districts, Municipalities, auto dealerships, Transit authorities and others.
Today, at its initial stage there are over 10’s of Assure Wash Systems in operation in India and abroad washing well over thousands of vehicles each day and will always be glad to have an honor to clean in around the world.
A dedication to engineering excellence has allowed Assure Industries India to develop numerous technological breakthroughs. Behind every Assure Wash Systems stands a commitment to total customer satisfaction. Assure Industries India manufactures state-of-the art of vehicle wash systems, and assists in all aspects planning including: site evaluation and design, financing, contractor support, customer service, architectural support, engineering support, factory-trained technicians and onsite training. The Assure Industries India teams has a expertise to build quality washing systems that deliver consistently neat and clean vehicles, low operating cost, design simplicity, low maintenance and total customer satisfaction.

We use state-of-the-art equipment in our complete manufacturing process. We begin with computer aided design to produce a wash system that is fully integrated with modern electronics and control equipment. We then render these designs to make sure all of the equipment will function flawlessly together. Finally, we manufacture a prototype and install it into a test facility to insure its seamless operation. When our engineers are satisfied, we bring an industry leading professional grade vehicle wash system to market. Not only do our engineers use the most advanced tools in the industry, they have sufficient industrial knowledge as well. With over 2 years of vehicle wash manufacturing experience, Assure Industries engineers strive to perfect the making of vehicle wash systems.
The Production Engineering Department has the challenging task of applying new technological advances to the design and manufacture Assure Industries products. The engineers work with a combination of the most up-to-date CAD design and CAM construction programs to achieve optimum levels of quality. The designs are taken from the world in the high tech computer and turned into real products by the different sections of our workshops; where part by part the various components of Assure Industries products are made.
At Assure Industries, Our mission is to work as a team and achieve continual improvement in Productivity, Customer Satisfaction & Employee growth with an importance on strong design and engineering.
Continued emphasis on new ideas through innovative engineering to feed the customers so they can take optimum benefits of our products. To follow manufacturing methods for achievement of higher productivity and reduction in variations in the system through technical up-gradation of the resources Nourish the level of customer satisfaction to customer delight To prosper the life of each individual affiliated with company.
Defending quality as an essential guiding principle and not just a market requirement is a tradition at Assure Industries. we have reorganized the traditional quality control system, opting for an integrated system that allows for the early detection of any incident. We do this by making each point of the production chain a specialized centre in quality control. The supervisors, co-coordinators and senior engineers ensure that everything is observed, measured and analyzed at beginning and finally guaranteed after successfully passing the different quality controls . The process on quality control is as follows as we manufacture the systems:
  • Choosing from stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized materials
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Color customizing
  • Storage of parts
  • Selection of small parts
  • Installation of electrical components
  • Final assembly at site
  • Installation or shipping of the product.


Technical Assistance Support: Careful adjustment and maintenance of the machines is essential to guarantee a long life and maximum performance. The 24 hour Technical Assistance Service takes care of this. A highly qualified unit which responds quickly to the customer’s call in India and abroad In order to reduce times and guarantee agility the Technical Assistance Service has the support of an advanced spare parts service equipped with state-of-the-art stock control technology. We procure our stocks of raw materials and parts with us 24/7 and during the case of any technical assistance, our engineers and parts are readily available to help our customers with the system they owe from us. In addition maintenance of the equipment is backed up by the addition of modern remote data communication system that allows the user to check on and monitor the machines from any place via computer connection.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

As the leader in innovation, we create highest-quality products, with quality installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair services for our machinery.

What We Offer?

We offer highly convenient Wash Machines with state-of-the-art technology. We are one of the few companies to have the entire range of Vehicle Wash Systems.

24x7 Support

Our support team plays an important role in promptly and efficiently resolving any issues or answering the demands of our customers.

Delivery & Installation

To be more cost-effective and for faster installations, our team of expert engineers travels full-time, developing sites more quickly and efficiently.

Easy To Use?

Yes, of course. With the help of the training provided by experienced engineers, you will be ready to operate our machines within no time.


We are proud to be developed a many different and powerful machines for automatic vehicle wash systems.


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